Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I will do almost anything for a free T-shirt and beer

Well...the good news is that I can independently do all of the things for the triathlon on Saturday.  The other good news - I looked at the website and the bike race is only 11 miles long, not 13. 

The bad news.  It's supposed to be 95 degrees on Saturday. 

It turns out that there is quite a lot of advice online for how to survive your first triathlon.  I've been selectively ignoring some of it.  "You should know how to swim" (Ignored) "Don't ever do a triathlon on a mountain bike." (Ignored) "Eat 4-6 meals per day, at least 50% of which should be carbs" (DONE!)

Best advice found here: "Try not to die." 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

So, you want to do a triathlon...next week?!

At Harmony's request, I am firing up the old blog, so that stupid things that I have done will be recorded for all posterity. 

So this past Tuesday I mentioned at work that I wanted to do a triathlon.  (In a very general sense)  I was asked, "Can you swim?"  "Yeah, sure!" I replied, glibly.   Turns out there is a sprint tri next weekend. (Just to clarify, that's 350 yards of swimming, 13 mile bike, and 5K run) 
Somehow this seemed like a good idea, and I was talked into signing up, as rates were going to go up that evening.  I also convinced my friend Amy to sign up.  Having just finished the mini marathon we were fairly confident - I mean, if I can RUN 13 miles, I'm sure I can BIKE 13 miles.  And oh, that swimming bit? It's only 350 yards.  

Fastforward 2 days, when Amy and I hit the YMCA pool for the first time.  Well, it turns out that neither of us can really swim.  Oops.  It also turns out that people who swim laps at 5:30 in the morning tend to be good swimmers.  And probably wonder what on earth those two girls who can't swim are doing. 

It's probably not a good indicator of success that both Amy and I independently googled "how to swim" 8 days before our first triathlon.

Friday night we decided to hit open swim at a different YMCA, to work on breathing drills for freestyle.  Once we realized that there's no way that we are going to be able to freestyle this thing we settled on our backup plan - the backstroke.  Fortunately we can both do the entire distance (though slowly)

Tomorrow's another day in the pool - depending on how laughable it is I'll keep the updates coming.  And now if anyone else googles "train for triathlon in two weeks" before signing up for one, they'll know what they are getting into.