Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bleeding Room

Having dealt with blood shortages the entire time I was in Kenya, I had planned on donating blood from the beginning of the trip. (However, given that we were living at about 6000 ft elevation it seemed prudent to wait toward the end of the trip) On my second to last day, my friend Gillian and I walked down to the regional blood transfusion center to donate. We were directed here:

The blood center looked much like a blood center here. We filled out a similar questionnaire and watched as the techs opened the donation bags and needle sets from the individual wrapping. A sixteen gauge needle stick later (ow) and I was good to go!

They did take the 450 mL of blood a little faster than in the States, but I didn't really feel dizzy or bad at all afterwards. After donating I got a wristband and a big bottle of Coca-Cola. We chatted with the tech about the blood supply and some of the issues they have at the blood center.
I do have to say that Gillian did an excellent job with her first ever blood donation and was an absolute champ about the needle in her arm! (pictured above)

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