Monday, May 2, 2011

At the airport.

I've had a number of friends ask if I would be posting a blog during this trip, and at least here in the airport with free Wi-fi it seems like a great idea. I'll try to keep it updated and post pics when I can. I'll try to keep the mediciney jargon to a minimum but no promises!

So, I will admit to being a chronic overpacker. This usually is a consequence of putting off packing to the last minute and trying to stuff everything I could possibly imagine needing into the biggest suitcase I can find. This time though I have resolved to travel light! I'm the proud new owner of a Terra 35 backpack. I'm gong to carry it on and that's all I'm taking. It certainly helps that I've been to Eldoret before and know I can pick up just about anything I really need there. And it seemed like a catchy blog name.

For those of you just tuning in, Hi! I'm going to Kenya! This will actually be my fourth trip to East Africa and my third trip to the same location Kenya. I'll be living and working in Eldoret, a city in Western Kenya. Indiana University has a longstanding partnership with Moi University Teaching and Referral Hospital, and I'll be working alongside Kenyan residents on the wards there. Though it's my third trip there I'm trying not to take too many expectations about what it will be like, as this will be my first trip since I've graduated from medical school.

stay tuned for more...I'll do my best to keep in touch!

PS - this blog represents my own personal reflections and opinions and is not affiliated with or sponsored by Indiana University, Moi University, or any other institution or organization.


  1. Prayers for you on your trip, Beth! Go with God!

  2. Love the name and the disclaimer...and feel free to hit us with mediciney garble. I'll just ask my doctor sister what it means. :) Safe travels! Love love!